Our wood-fired pizza oven is a happy marriage between a 1984 military trailer (that used to carry ammunition and artillery supplies) and a custom built masonry oven, welded together by our Hudson Valley team of one masterful metal smith and an impassioned baker. It took about a year to go from sketches to finished product.  Our oven is towed by our '96 Dodge veggie-oil-powered pick-up truck. It's been down to Florida, across to Austin, Texas, and is now happily settled in upstate NY, catering private events and weddings throughout NYC, the Hudson Valley and Westchester.


FUN FACT: Our pizza oven takes about 5 hours to fully heat up to its standard 800° temperature, and is sustainably fueled with local hardwood. 


Itsa Pizza Truck is all about fresh farm-to-table small batch deliciousness. Our offerings change seasonally based on what's available from local Hudson Valley farms. We buy organic produce whenever possible and source our grass-fed meats and sausages locally from the Hudson Valley. We're excited to help support the local food system while also paying homage to slow food with our 2-day wild fermented sourdough pizza. It is our joy to bring you the freshest, most delicious, crispy, chewy, crackling crusted wood fired pizza you've ever tasted! 



This is the best wood fired pizza you've ever had! Doug makes his pizza crust from scratch using a carefully maintained 15-year-old sourdough starter. He allows the dough to ferment for 2 days, the traditional way. Each personal-sized pie is topped with his homemade signature sauce, a variety of local Hudson Valley roasted vegetables, artisanal cheeses and grass-fed meat sourced from Fleishers Craft Butchery in Kingston, NY.



Our pizza dough is made of wheat flour. However, it's wild fermented sourdough pizza. That means we use a natural starter made of flour, water, and a complex community of wild yeasts from the air around us, instead of monoculture commercial yeast. It takes a lot longer this way, but it’s worlds beyond in terms of flavor and digestibility. By making naturally leavened pizza dough, and letting it slowly and fully ferment, we're crafting a pizza that is far more digestible than standard bread products. If you have a gluten sensitivity, we still encourage you to give our pizza a try- you're very likely to find it easier on the belly! 



Ok I'll just speak for myself here.. I've been serious about baking, and specifically rustic sourdough bread baking for the past 12 years. I'm crazy about fermentation of all kinds.

This is my second baking business having spent 8 years, starting in my early 20's, taking care of my first child - Bum Bars. It was a granola bar project happening in the Bronx, NY, and we sold wholesale to yoga studios, coffee shops and health food stores in NYC and beyond. I started that business from my home kitchen, and things grew slowly eventually amounting to about 80 accounts, including Whole Foods. 

I became weary of having to put each granola bar we made into a thick plastic bag, and the fact that 0% of our ingredients could be sourced locally. 

So, Itsa Pizza Truck is much closer to my heart- it centers around a fresh, ever changing menu, and it means I get to meet the people I'm baking for, face to face, which is so much more fulfilling. It's about small batch deliciousness, and endless creativity in the kitchen.

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